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New to macrame, already in love or looking for something to keep your mind busy?

Macrame Tutorials

Find easy to follow tutorials for beginners completely new to macrame and for experienced fans of the craft.

Macrame Workshops and Events

Corporate events, craft workshops, private parties and online private tutorials for groups who need to craft remotely with DIY Kits.

Bespoke Handmade Macrame

Bring your unique vision to life by requesting a custom macrame project which fits your style and space perfectly.

Need a DIY KIT with a pattern and materials?

Get a downloadable PDF pattern to take out all of the guess work for a new macrame project or a convenient DIY Kit which contains all the materials you will need to make a project start to finish.

Unique Macrame Patterns, Free Tutorials and Craft DIY Kits

Unique Macrame designs, Free and Easy to follow Patterns and DIY Kits

Many projects are often one-off pieces that you won’t find on my online shop so dip into my portfolio if you want to see what else I’ve made.

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Crafted by Ceri is my UK based, Handmade Macrame business which started from my passion for creative design.

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