Macramé workshops in St Albans

My first macramé gift from a student…

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Running a trade stall or a workshop at local Arts and Craft fairs allows me to meet those people who are interested in the craft of Macramé. A fair amount of the interested in my trade stalls are from those who appreciate the hand work that goes into making macramé as each knot is handmade.

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I’m repeatedly pleasantly surprised at how many of the young generation are interested in natural based, plastic free products, telling me they love plants and keep and take care of a whole collection at home. I usually have a lot of macramé plant hangers with my own indoor plant collection potted in them at shows so this usually draws in attention of plant lovers.

It goes without saying, there are also a whole generation of visitors/customers who come out the “I remember doing Macramé at school” or “I used to have one of these in the 70’s”. And it sparks their interest to re learn a forgotten craft.

At my last taster workshops I ran at Greenwood Park Community Hub in St Albans I had a very enthusiastic learner. She aced the Square knot and Half Square knot on the Keyring design that she made with me, which wasn’t a surprise considering how keen she was to learn. What blew me away was that she went away with what she learnt and came back with a gift for me.

This is my first Macramé gift as a tutor and I can’t tell you how happy it’s made me. I can’t wait to see you again Chloé and get an update on your latest craft project!

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  1. Superb work Ceri, very happy to seeing you being creative and loving what you do. WELL done, I am very proud of you. 🙂

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