Tips on organising girls accessories

DIY ideas for girls hair bows and accessories storage

Hair bows, clips, hair bands, pins and bangles

If your daughter is anything like mine, you’ll have clips and bows a plenty. Plus the hair bands, bangles, bracelets and any other old jewellery that she claims hers. The problem I kept facing was keeping them all neat and tidy… time and time again after being reorganised.

These were my cute boxed solutions that worked for me, just not for my kids.

I thought it was a good idea to keep them in separate cute boxes. The trouble there is, kids love tipping out the entire contents of any box. I think I’m too being kind when I speculate the mess is made because you can’t see them all in a box to make a selection so emptying them helps to make a more informed decision. But I think it’s just too fun tipping out everything from a box. It’s an invitation. Even when my girl could resist, her brother would do it. And there are so many little bits and bobs that it’s too much for them to tidy up. I love to find a solution to a problem, so I thought about how I could improve.

I took to trusty Pinterest to see how others were overcoming this problem, surely I’m not the only one bothered by this. I found some really cute ideas involving ribbons and frames. But I gave up on that when the frame kept getting knocked over and the ribbons yanked.

Pinterest ideas on bow holders

I decided to tackle her accessories in categories and find my own solutions. I grouped them into 5 categories:

1. Bangles and bracelets

I found a long storage hook that I could screw into an available pre drilled hole for her adjustable shelves in her wardrobe. Accessible for her to choose what to wear and have a simple place to put them back.

2. Hair bows

A little bit of rope goes a long way in my house! Totally obsessed with macramé and love how I can create simple DIY solutions with it. I mainly love being able to DIY a solution with things I have lying around the house. And that’s how I made my own version of a bow hanger with an artificial flower and some rope (see my other post on how I did this).

I later reworked this concept to make a personalised bow holder listed in my Etsy Shop, made from laser cut wooden hutch plywood.

Personalised Bow Holder to keep hair bows and clips tidy and easy to reach. Made with laser cut wooden plaque and 100% cotton rope.

3. Hair bands

I grouped them together and slipped them on a good storage bag clip (I think I picked these up in ikea once). I locked up all her hair bands in neat colour organised rows.

4. Clips and Bobby Pins

I don’t use my cuff links I had for work anymore, so used the cuff link holder box to slide them into the elastic holder.

5. Headbands (she’s lost all of hers so that’s that one sorted)

I love the new set up and my daughter loves it too. Too much clutter makes it hard to find things and she loves the order. She loves her bow hanger the most and will rely on it to grab a matching bow to put on her younger brother or cousin when it’s time for playing dress up!

I’d love to know your thoughts on my solutions and if you’ve tried any of your own. Follow me on social media @craftedbyceri to keep up to date with my latest posts and upcoming macramé workshops if your interested in learning the art. Browse my Etsy Shop if your interested in a personalised hand made bow hanger for yourself. Thanks for reading.


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