Berry knot diamond keychain tutorial

Keychains, Tutorials
A stunning triple josephine knot keychain tutorial to master yet another macrame knot.


  • 1 Keyring (I used a D loop keyring with lobster clasp)
  • 4 x 150cm 3mm cotton cord
  • Scissors
  • Optional brush to straighten tassel (Any brush is suitable)


  • Larks Head Knot
  • Double Half Hitch Knot
  • Berry Knot – (you need to know how to do a square knot)


Tug down on the middle cords of your square knot to make sure you remove any slack and your berry knot appears neat every time.

Spray or dip tassel in water after unravelling to get an extra straight brush. Give you tassel a pamper and youโ€™ll get great results!

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