Macrame Heart Shaped Keychain using Crown Knots

This cute little macrame heart shaped keychain was born out of an idea inspired by the Year 4 students I teach in Mill Hill, London. In the new year I was showing my class some of my new creations that I made over the Christmas holidays (honestly the best time I’m ever having with macrame when I CREATE!) and it was a little Candy Cane decoration that caught their eye. Whilst showcasing two in my hand at one time, a student said that putting them together makes them look a little bit like a heart.

Funnily enough, that is exactly what I did. I reworked my candy cane design until it turned into the little heart shaped keychain which just felt very seasonal to share with you this time of year around valentines day.

First time making a crown knot?

You will learn how to make a crown knot but if you have not made one before them please check out this straight crown knot keychain which you could give a go first: Chunky Crown Knot keychain Tutorial.

What you will need for this tutorial:

All the materials that you need can be found listed below, these can also be purchased from my online Etsy Store which helps to support me as a content creator putting out new patterns and macrame designs for crafters like you.

DIY Kits and PDF written patterns

If you would like the full step by step PDF pattern for this design, this is available to purchase and download instantly online, from my Etsy Store.

DIY kits can be purchased and gift wrapped if you would like to share them with other crafters who might wish to pick up macrame as a new hobby.

Knots used:

  • Crown Knot
  • Wrapping Knot


  • 1 keyring
  • 2mm thick Craft wire (25cm)
  • 3mm Red Cotton cord (12m)
    • 8 x 140cm the main heart cords
    • 1 x 80cm / 31.5inches for the wrapping knot

Want a PDF


Try it yourself and be inspired to make something using this technique. If you decide to make one, please share a picture and your comments with me here or on my social media:

Full step by step video tutorial:

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Want it made for you?

If your looking to buy instead of DIY, I will make you one.

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  1. Merci beaucoup de partager vos connaissance, je vais essayer de faire le porte clé en forme de coeur pour ma fille chérie, si je réussi je posterai une photo

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