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3 Super Easy DIY Bookmark Patterns for Macrame Beginners

Easy beginners macrame projects start with basic knots. Basic knots which are absolutely essential and classic knots being used by the most advanced macrame artists. If you can play around with the basic knots, you will be knotting these with your eyes closed or more realistically whilst chilling watching Netflix!

That ability to be able to immerse your mind into a focussed activity like crafting is so healthy for your mind! It releases happy hormones (dopamine) in your brain which helps reduce stress and makes you feel happy when you get that sense of accomplishment! So if you need a bit of mindful crafting, or someone else you know needs it, give this one a try.

These 3 patterns are all based on the classic macrame knot called a Square Knot. Start with design one if you have not done any macrame before and then move your way along the other patterns for increased complexity and to challenge yourself a little more. Make it fun and play with different colours or materials too.

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What you will need for this tutorial:

All the materials can also be purchased as a DIY Kit from my online Etsy Store which helps to support me as a content creator sharing new patterns and macrame designs for crafters like you. Or dip into your craft supplies to find the following:


  • 4 x 1m cotton 3mm cord (39 inches)
    • You can mix up the colours in this pattern, I used one inner cord in white and 3 in colour.
    • Make it with one solid colour or make your own combination of colours

Knots used:

  • Square Knot
  • Alternating Square Knot

DIY Kits and PDF written patterns

If you would like the full step by step PDF pattern for this design, this is available to purchase and download instantly online, from my Etsy Store.

DIY kits can be purchased and gift wrapped if you would like to share them with other crafters who might wish to pick up macrame as a new hobby.

Full step by step video tutorial:

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