Activities Week Macrame at School

Activities week is an enriching time for the students at Belmont Mill Hill Prep School London full of lots of exciting activities that I have been a part of now for a few years.

Macrame this year we have been making mini air plant hangers and every one of my students has been given the responsibility of looking after their own living air plant! YES students! They are not artificial and need your TLC.

Take a look at some of their amazing creations and there are a few reminders on air plant basics for my students incase they need a care reminder.

Teaching Macrame

Macrame is a mindful craft on a carousel of Future Skills Classes taught at Belmont to children in Year 3 to Year 8. I have been teaching these enthusiastic children there for over 3 years now in person and even through lockdown on google classrooms. The beauty of this class is how therapeutic the children find this craft which can often inspire young creators to pick up the craft as a hobby in their own free time.

Macrame classes are focused on learning basic macrame knots and then the students using these to create their own inspired art. Autonomy is given to the children to freestyle their own designs and adapt creations as well as helping to inspire me to try new experiments.

So many beautiful air plant hangers were made today by these creative young students, including complimentary day and night plant hangers for their new air plant babies.

Thank you as always students for giving me all of your genuine enthusiasm for Macrame!

Air Plant Care Basics:

A gentle reminder for students about how to care for your little babies that you took home to live in your new air plant hanger creations you made!

  • These plants do not need soil
  • Water them about once a week
    • let them soak for about 10mins in a bowl of water and then take them out
    • mimic how they would get drenched and then dry out in the wild!
  • They can go a period of time without water but will die hard if they’re in water too long!
  • You can mist them with a water sprayer instead and/or in-between watering too for increased humidity around them
  • They still need sunlight
    • But avoid a direct sunlight all day long window otherwise they will burn out quickly!
  • Be gentle with their leaves

Got any questions? –

Drop me a comment or send me a message directly here.

Or you can find out more about Macrame Classes taught by Crafted by Ceri if you require information about macrame class events, privates and corporate workshops.

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