Macrame Meets Christmas Topper!

What is a Christmas Postbox Topper?

Aside from Postbox toppers being a “tea cozy” British Postbox equivilant that pop up over the festive season and to commemorate other special occassions. They essentially a maker’s way of sharing joy and good spirit through their love language – Crafting! They are woven/knitted/crocheted/knotted and take all sorts of shapes and sizes, I consider them very inclusive!

But simply put, they are temporary decorations we get away with popping on the top of Royal Mail Postboxes during the Christmas season (or other occasions) to make the community smile!

Make a donation

Please donate now to make a contribution to support the local community. I will be raising money for St Luke’s Church Bricket Wood.

Where is it?

Bricket Wood, St Albans now has it’s first Postbox Topper which you can find on Hunter’s Ride (AL2 3LY). It will be up throughout December. Please leave it there, it will be removed on the same basis as taking down Christmas lights!

My Story

I have always wanted to make a Christmas Postbox topper! And every year that I see these wonderful gifts of merry Christmas cheer, I find myself too busy with it being a busy time of year as a maker to create one. That didn’t stop me from designing one in my head many times over!!!

Finally this year, I managed to make the time to not only make my first one but it is also a first for my little village Bricket Wood in St Albans. I technically started it on Boxing Day 2021 and have dipped into the project on and off to get it completed in time for December 2022.

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