Glass bowl air plant hanger- Pattern 3

Learn how to make the most snug macramé basket you’ll ever make with this new step by step tutorial. Learn how to add new cords to a project which is a great skill to have under your belt for when your running short of rope in other macramé projects.

Chunky Macrame Keychain Pattern – Crown Knot

Easy DIY Chunky Macramé Keychain Make two beautiful patterns by mastering one simple macramé knot, the crown knot. Use multiple coloured cords and create a variety of different styles with this easy step by step macramé keychain tutorial. Follow the fully written step by step PDF pattern or watch my Youtube video. Materials 4 xContinue reading “Chunky Macrame Keychain Pattern – Crown Knot”

How to measure rope for macrame

If you have the macrame bug and are finding yourself wanting to try lots of new macrame projects, you are probably going to want to speed up the process of measuring and cutting rope. Whether your following a pattern or just free styling a project, you will likely need to be measuring a few metersContinue reading “How to measure rope for macrame”