Macrame Meets Christmas Topper!

What is a Christmas Postbox Topper? Aside from Postbox toppers being a “tea cozy” British Postbox equivilant that pop up over the festive season and to commemorate other special occassions. They essentially a maker’s way of sharing joy and good spirit through their love language – Crafting! They are woven/knitted/crocheted/knotted and take all sorts ofContinue reading “Macrame Meets Christmas Topper!”

Activities Week Macrame at School

Activities week is an enriching time for the students at Belmont Mill Hill Prep School London full of lots of exciting activities that I have been a part of now for a few years. Macrame this year we have been making mini air plant hangers and every one of my students has been given theContinue reading “Activities Week Macrame at School”

How to measure rope for macrame

If you have the macrame bug and are finding yourself wanting to try lots of new macrame projects, you are probably going to want to speed up the process of measuring and cutting rope. Whether your following a pattern or just free styling a project, you will likely need to be measuring a few metersContinue reading “How to measure rope for macrame”

Tips on organising girls accessories

DIY bow holder – hair clips, bows and hair accessories storage hacks.

Macramé workshops in St Albans

My first macramé gift from a student… Running a trade stall or a workshop at local Arts and Craft fairs allows me to meet those people who are interested in the craft of Macramé. A fair amount of the interested in my trade stalls are from those who appreciate the hand work that goes intoContinue reading “Macramé workshops in St Albans”

Herts County Show May 2019

I had a great time meeting customers and bringing back memories of the 70’s and 80’s for some! If anyone who was at the Herts County Show has any questions, please feel free to message me and I will follow up as soon as I can. Hertfordshire Agricultural Society, organisers of the Herts County ShowContinue reading “Herts County Show May 2019”