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Whether you want to ask me about a private lesson, a custom order or a macrame craft workshop, just get in touch by selecting the topic you want to talk about below and send me an email.

Ceri – St Albans, UK

Hi all! Macrame is a hobby of mine but what I really love to do is design, create and problem solve. Finding solutions to customer problems with macrame or sharing how I made a design with intruiged makers genuinely makes me happy.

Let me know what you want to talk about:

Custom Orders

If you are contacting me regarding a custom order, we can discuss what requirements you have and what is feasible.

I might suggest solutions, provide a sketch and the best suited materials for the project. I will estimate a cost and provide a suggested time frame for the order.

Please consider to following when discussing custom order:

  • dimensions
  • materials
  • preferred style
  • budget

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