Group and Corporate Macrame Workshops

Group Macrame Workshops

Macrame Workshops can be held for groups who share a common interest or want to have a craft experience day together. The workshops will be tailored to your design interests, time availability, location and budget.

For those who are part of a Woman’s Institute Group and wish to book a workshop or talk, see more details below and contact me directly for booking availability.

Group Workshops

Woman’s Institute group talks and workshops

I have provided talks, demonstrations and workshops for many WI groups in recent years to discuss the craft of macrame, how I turned a hobby into a business and to teach members basic macrame knots through practical workshops.

I bring examples of macrame projects and demonstrate how they are created. Members will create their own mini macrame project which will be tailored to your group size and budget. DIY kits will be available for those looking to pursue their interests further at home.

Macrame Workshops Hertfordshire

Corporate Workshop

Mindful Crafting Workshops

Macrame Workshops run for corporate events are customised to meet your requirements. Workshops are tailored to promote team building, creative thinking and wellness.

Workshops can be run for team building days or corporate celebration days suitable for mixed audiences and abilities. These can be run as group workshops or free flowing work stations for drop in’s throughout an event.

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