Activities Week Macrame at School

Activities week is an enriching time for the students at Belmont Mill Hill Prep School London full of lots of exciting activities that I have been a part of now for a few years. Macrame this year we have been making mini air plant hangers and every one of my students has been given theContinue reading “Activities Week Macrame at School”

Two Arm Macramé Plant Hanger – Air Plant Holder Pattern 4

Try making this unique two arm plant hanger using my new step by step tutorial. Explore using a larks head knot to secure your hanging basket in this open and secure glass bowl air plant hanger design.

Glass bowl air plant hanger- Pattern 3

Learn how to make the most snug macramé basket you’ll ever make with this new step by step tutorial. Learn how to add new cords to a project which is a great skill to have under your belt for when your running short of rope in other macramé projects.